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Logo Set 42025: Cargo Plane

Logo Set 42025: Cargo Plane

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Assemble and pilot the impressive Cargo Plane equipped with realistic functions. Take off down the runway and embark on another challenging cargo mission with the largest and most demanding LEGO® Technic plane to date.

More than just a model, this aircraft boasts practical features that mimic those of real-world planes. Utilise the joystick to manipulate the flaps, elevators, and ailerons, then activate the LEGO® Power Functions motors to open the front and rear cargo bays, retract the landing gear, and rotate the propellers. It's a true representation of the real thing.

Can also be reconstructed into a Transport Hovercraft. Featuring a wide range of motorised mechanisms, including rotating rotors, opening front and rear cargo bays, and functional landing gear. Control the ailerons, elevators, and flaps with the joystick. Our largest LEGO® Technic plane yet.

This intricate build puts your building abilities to the test. Watch the propellers in motion. 2-in-1

  • Cargo Plane measures over 22cm high, 64cm long and 61cm wide
  • Transport Hovercraft measures over 12cm high, 47cm long and 20cm wide

This LEGO® model has been constructed and all parts checked.

All new and used LEGO® models are covered by our 30 day no quibble returns policy.

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